Artwork 2022

Title: Faces 2022

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Concept: Exploring film and documentation, these paintings are being  shared on social media while I paint.  These paintings are superimposed images of myself and famous black women. I used artists, activists, astronauts, actors, singers, educators. This project is on going and more women will be added.


Title: Raisin in LOCKDOWN

Medium : mixed media, A water damaged French copy of  A Raisin in the Sun by John Steinbeck, Pen and Ink, Oil Pastel

Concept : A lack of materials during the pandemic lockdown invited the use of other materials food around the house. Using an old water damaged book as a sketch journal, I decided to make a drawing day using models from magazines and still life portraits of objects around the house. Some inspired some paintings in Acrylic and Oil.

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