About the Artist

E.O. Morton

Conceptual Abstracted expressionist

 A conceptual empathic   artist and arts educator. Her works depicts movement  through an abstracted - expressionist point of view. Color and rhythm are running themes throughout her works, showing the viewer traditional subjects with a bold use of light and color. Multidisciplinary in dance, music and art, she shifts perspectives and creates pieces that force viewers to interact and move.

Her parents, both professional musicians, influenced her use of rhythm, color and movement that echo throughout her practice. Her works express a vibrant spirit, clearly connecting her love of dance and music. She shares what she feels in her brushstrokes and what she hears in her choice of colors.  


After working as a resident artist in schools and museums in San Francisco, she attended Columbia University, Teachers College in New York City and received an MA in Art and Art Education. There she focused on dance, capturing movement in oil painting and printmaking, stating “I can't make a straight line so I will make it all dance.” 


She worked as an art teacher and education director for 15 years, in New York City, San Francisco and San Diego. From 2010 to 2012 she was the president of the Art Teachers Association of San Diego County, winning awards in both 2011 and 2012.


She currently lives and works in France, Co-Founder of the artist association Talents de Femme 64.