Solo Show : Rêve de la rivière

My first Solo show in France! Rêve de la rivière is a series of study drawings that I did of the river near my house over the past 3 years. Looking at the light and the shadows, the movement and…

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Photo Shoot in Paris

a little Lot of credit:  @Erika Cano Ferrer

It was an amazingly rainy cool summer day at the end of July, that we (a group of lovely creative women) traveled up to Paris from Marnay to do a photo…

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Publications from May 2023


May has been Busy!! 

I have been in Noyers in the North East of France working on a collaboration Project. 

The Assocaition Talent de Femme 64 has had more press and continues to Grow.  

from: The LPP Newsletter by La…

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Padlet Launch

Last week the Museum of Loss and Renewal launched our shared experience in Collemachia Italy last summer 

Purpose of the Event A celebration that brings us all back together A revisiting of what was done during the Group Residency A…
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Shoebox Interview 2023 19 January

Artist interview with shoebox LA art! January artist interview was a great experience. 

many thanks to the Shoebox Team

photo by Tracy Mackenna, The Museum of Loss and Renewal, 2022.

find shoeboxla on instagram 

ShoeBox Art Collaboration Aug- Sept 2022


Go to their blog on under features to see Round 1-14 online exhibitions of Call and Response to get an idea of how artists worked together.

I will be participating in a 3 week collaboration with an artist in…

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Artist residence experience Italy July 2022

This July started in Collemacchia  🇮🇹 Italy in an artist residence at The museum of loss and renewal. Headed by Tracy McKenna and Danica Maier. It was a group residence program where we explored place people time- drawing into being 

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June delays and going with the flow!

Happy June to everyone! 
I first have to start by saying our internet in our lovely mountains has been not very kind to me being able to share with you all but as luck would have it, I can share…

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Commission for April/ May 2022

The past few months I have traveled a bit and worked on a personal project Faces, which I will blog about when it's all finished. But I also had the pleasure of creating a large commission for a client. I…

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